Olifant’s Riverboat Cruise

bosbok_homeThe Olifants’ River is situated just a few kilometers from Marakapula. Oliphant is the Afrikaans word for Elephant and is one of the tributaries of the Limpopo River. Our guests have the opportunity to go on riverboat cruises along the river where you get the opportunity to see crocodiles and hippos, animals drinking at the water’s edge, as well as a large variety of birdlife. Sunsets aboard the riverboat are spectacular, and not to be missed! The riverboat cruise is approximately 3 hours in duration and takes place mid-to-late afternoon.

The Blyde River canyon.

Just over 150 km from Marakapula, we find the Blyde river canyon, the third biggest canyon in the world it is considered a must-see. At Blyde River we exchange the bushveld for dream-like landscapes that stretch from horizon –to-horizon. You will begin your tour at Blyde River Dam and progress along a 20 km length of the canyon. Along our climb, we will stop and admire the 3 rondavels, the famous Bourke Luck Potholes, and finally take in the majestic views of God´s Window. You will end your trip with a visit to the historically significant old mining town of Pilgrims Rest.  This is a full day excursion; we will leave Marakapula early in the morning and return in the afternoon.

The Kruger National Park.

Located at only a few kilometers from Marakapula lies the Kruger National Park. About the size of Switzerland, it is a world renowned for the plentiful fauna and flora that call this sanctuary home. Due to the magnitude of this park, it is impossible to take it all in on one safari, but our excursion gives our guests an opportunity to discover an amazing part of Africa. Our guides will make you understand the Park’s importance, and they will help you to see the role it plays to conserve a piece from the past untouched for the future.

From Marakapula you will explore the central parts of the park. The huge rivers: The Letaba, the Olifants and the Shingwedzi ensure that most of the game in this area of the park come to drink, which gives you fantastic game-viewing opportunities.  This area of the Kruger is more pristine and wild than the more touristic southern areas, which probably why the big tuskers of the park roam freely here.

Shokeng Camp

shokeng_homeOne of the most emblematic animals of Africa is without a doubt the Lion, for many also known as the King of the Jungle. Although the Kruger National Park has a great number of them, it´s not always easy to admire and get to know this fantastic creatures. That´s why in Marakapula we decided to create a large enough area where a pride of lions could live free, but would also give us the possibility to admire them in their pure essence. The result was Shokeng Camp. Here you will be able to understand their social behaviour, you will learn about their habits and you will be able to rejoice on their majesty. From Shokeng, we offer you the possibility to be enraptured, observing from a close distance the greatness of these magnificent cats, with a possibility of spending the night around them.

The camp consists of an old farmhouse that has been fully renovated, but that still holds the special charm and the original look that the first settlers gave it. Its thatch roof and its earthy colours, as well as its enormous picture windows open towards the area where the lions spend most of the day drinking, feeding and relaxing, serves as a safe refuge for guests invited to the great feast happening a mere 10 meters from them. Likewise, the elevated deck situated next to the camp offers you the possibility to view these big cats without any barriers.
The camp consists of 3 ample and luxurious rooms where you will be able to continue with the incredible experience of sleeping as close to the lions as possible.

From our side we have, of course, put up as many safety measures as possible so that you can rest assured, keeping in mind that by your side will be an experienced guide which will in all occasions assure that you have a marvellous and secure stay at Shokeng.